Luke Bickham - Attorney - Tyler Texas
Luke Bickham - Attorney at Law - Tyler Texas


Luke Bickham is an East Texas lawyer who has dedicated his legal career to protecting the rights of injured people. Luke is known for aggressively litigating cases on behalf of his clients to achieve a prompt and fair resolution of their case. Using advanced trial presentation strategies, Luke is very effective at educating and persuading a jury of the merits of his client's case.

Luke is highly specialized in six key areas of personal injury. If you or a family member has been hurt in an auto or 18-wheeler accident, injured at an oilfield or construction site, or suffered a burn or injury from a defective product, give Luke a call and let him begin fighting for you today.

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Expertise Overview

Auto Accidents Oilfield Accidents Defective Products
18-Wheeler Accidents Construction Accidents Burn Injuries
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